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What’s in a name?



If you have read some of my older posts around the traps you would know about my tumultuous former relationship and my fabulous new one.

Tin Tiara came to be when Andrew and I decided to turn my hobby into a business, the problem was choosing a name…it’s a tough thing, you know?

Early in the dating game for us Andrew sent me the above quote…it was so very true for us, to most people he is just a retard in tin foil but he is MY knight in shining Armour.

So the thought process followed on that if my retard in tin foil was going to sweep me off my feet, I must need my own Tin Tiara.

Have you got a story behind your name?  Or a goofy spouse that’s just perfect for you…I would love to hear about them…


Happy days and joyful nights, Joy