Welcome to my blog.  My name is Joy and I am a mum of 3, step-mum to 2, and I run my little business from my home studio (read corner of my lounge room), based in Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia.

Tin Tiara is my little love job and part of my  growth after leaving an incredibly crappy relationship and finding my soul mate, something I didn’t really believe existed until I found it.

A new relationship has allowed me to rediscover who I really am, and he still loves me.  You may notice as your stroll around my pages that growing is definitely what I am doing and it does sometimes lead to inconsistency, but I am not going to apologize, instead I invite you to come on this journey with me, you might learn more about yourself too.

I have been making jewellery as a hobby for the last 13 years, and I have only recently turned my hobby into a business in the last 2 years when I separated from my husband and found someone that really appreciated me for me.

I started making soy candles and melts about 3 years ago when I found there was a need for a quality product in my area.  I live in rural Victoria, Australia, although I live in a small town, the large local township is only 20 mins away and about 10 mins in the other direction I am in the bushland, sand dunes, or by the river.

Book folding is something I do simply because I love the response I get from customers.  Imagine the response you will get if you give one as a gift to someone special, or just wow your friends with it in your home.  Completely customisable, I will go further into detail in a blog post shortly.

You can find links to both my webpages in the top menu bar, and you can email me here.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Go, you! It’s nice to read your success here. I’ve also gone from domestic hell to domestic heaven with someone who believes in Me. Still finding my vocational niche, shall we say, so your journey resonates with me. I look forward to reading more 🙂

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    • Thank you for the invitation, I haven’t got to spend quite as much time on your blog as I would like, I have been flat out getting JoyousCreature up and running, at least I think I have finished jumping all over the place now.


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