5 Blog Posts on Healthy Eating…(Not Dieting)

5 Ways to go healthier – covers some simple steps when your grocery shopping if you budget can afford it to buying healthier options, remember 90% of the food on our shelves wasn’t there 50 years ago, they actually cooked.

Pumpkin and Date Cookies – Great for a snack through the day, or a recess snack for school children.

Healthy Eating Principles of TCM – covers a list of common sense things followed by those practicing Chinease medicine.

Morning Boost Smoothie – We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this smoothie sounds like a simple yummy option for those that struggle.  I know that I do.

What works for me – In this post Rachel makes it acceptable to break the usual rules and shares her experiences.

I hope you find this little collection helpful, I know I learned a bit, what do you do to maintain health?

Tell me your thoughts...

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