In the navy! In the navy!

Recently I was asked to fold a book for a retiring Navy officer.

My customer sent me a brand new, hard cover book featuring uniforms over the span of navy years.

To say I was daunted was an understatement.  

It was stunning, I fold secondhand books out of op shops, how was I going to tackle this precious bundle.  
To make matters worse it needed to be done and sent back to make it in time for the presentation, so no procrastination allowed.
I was scared.

folded book art
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One little book had me shaking in my boots.  Why was I scared? No idea, I have been folding books for years now, custom orders are second nature.  Was it that the book was brand new?  Was it that I knew it was, a gift for.a member of our military.  Whom although I don’t agree with war I still have a huge respect for those that are willing to sacrifice their lives for us.   

I still can’t answer that but I decided to fold a practice run first, which of course was fine.

So, I sit down with the bundle of scariness in front of me, page after page of folding and the design was coming out perfectly.

It was finished and looked amazing  might add.

Moral of the story.  Never underestimate yourself.  You can do it!

I have since heard from my customer that the book was stunning and the recipient loved it.

 What have you had to do that had you terrified for no good reason?

Tell me your thoughts...

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