Introduction to Colour Healing

What is colour healing or colour therapy I hear you asking.

Simply, its the use of colours to influence our every day life, how we feel, what we perceive.

Colour around us effects us including

  • The clothes we wear
  • the colour we paint our walls
  • the accessories we use
  • the foods we eat

The colours of the world around us, they say a lot about how we are feeling and you can use this colour power to influence your life in a positive fashion.

History of Colour Healing 
Colour healing can be dated back as far as 2000 years ago, the Egyptians are said to have used colour in curing ailments, and looked to nature to nurture their lives.  Green flooring was popular mimiking the grass that was needed for food.  Blue and Yellow because without light from the sun in the sky all would end.
 Colours and their meanings.

 Here is a basic colour chart to give you some ideas.

Guide to Colour Meanings.

Feeling a bit low and flat for the day, you can instantly brighten your mood using Orange,  jewellery, clothing etc.

Heading out for Dinner with a special member of the opposite sex, use red.  It will make you feel confident and attractive, even if its just a piece of cloth in your jacket pocket, a white shirt with red detail, dress it up or down depending on the occasion. 

Heading off to study, Yellow is the way to go, stimulating the mind and mental activity, also wear a yellow shirt when you go for your jog.  

Purple is a noble colour, rich and vibrant, mysterious and magical, would you like to feel respected and rich.  Team a purple necklace, with an Indigo shirt.  

Going to an important job interview, somewhere you need to be taken seriously, Indigo would be the go.  (Sorry I couldn’t help the rhyme)  Indigo promotes wisdom, self-mastery, insight and understanding.  This is also a great colour for court cases.

Feeling agitated surround yourself with blue, calming and soothing, loyal and trusting.  

Green is the colour of fertility and growth, this could be intellectual growth, physical growth, or of course the fertility process.  

Black and White are the obvious dark and light, just because its dark doesn’t mean black is evil, it denotes, power and respect.  Formal, appropriate.   White promoting the beginning, innocence, clean, fresh, protection.

I don’t feel comfortable making a bold colour statement.
Neither do I, there are many ways to use colours in your life and my favourite method is a simple necklace in a gemstone matching the colour and meaning I wish to use.  Its appropriate for any occasion, lets face it a Judge or lawyer cannot go to work in a yellow shirt, they have a uniform image to portray as do many other people in the workforce.  However, anyone can wear a necklace or a bracelet, yes GUYS too.
I am currently working on a range of these for my shop.  
As always happy days, any questions post in the comments and I will do my best, it might even become my next blog post. 

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